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Since the beginning Topteam concentration has been with Multimodal Transportation. The expertise Topteam has developed over the years in moving cargoes to all inland countries from around the world. Based on our highly trained and motivated transportation specialists, what’s more, the widespread branches and closely agency networks, it allows Topteam providing its customers a timely and Cost-effective, One-stop solution for all their transportation and forwarding requirements.  
Our highly qualified management and fully trained staff are rich experienced in handling various types of goods such Dry cargo, Bulk, Break Bulk, Container cargo (Including OT, FR, etc.), Tankers (Crude, LNG & LPG), Hazardous goods, OOG, Heavy lift, Project cargo, RO-RO, etc..   
We will constantly exceed customer expectations by providing innovative logistics solutions. Being a service company our values are based on our purpose of being the best freight forwarder for our customers. 
Since we are dependent on our client's satisfaction, we will do everything possible to transport their freight safely, timely and cost efficient. We believe that the value of our company can only be measured by the quality of services we provide and thus your utter satisfaction and contentment. 
We treat our client's logistics related gain or loss as our own. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring their freight and screening for improvements to efficiency and effectiveness. We set clear priorities when dealing with the freights. We keep focused on forwarding our client's freight safely, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible. We envision join-up with bigger corporate organizations and enhancing the image in the market place, to have stronger financial back-up for business expansions, to provide quality, efficient and timely services to our customers and at last, to be the leading freight forwarding in the region.
We conduct our daily work to the highest and self-imposed ISO standard and are committed to: 
★ To be a dominant provider of multimodal transport services to the Belt and Road inland countries;
★ To provide personalized service to our clients which enhances customer satisfaction;
★ To develop and grow our principals and Customers business through honesty and hard work;
★ To create a friendly and convenient work environment for our employees to discharge their duties to highest standards.